Trump freaked out over missing a phone call from his employer

“Trump once erupted into a fury after an aide told him he had missed a phone call with Vladimir Putin, an ex-adviser to former British Prime Minister Theresa May said on a podcast released Tuesday.

“Nick Timothy … said that during a meeting with May in the Oval Office, Trump went on a tirade against Michael Flynn, … his national security adviser ….

“Somebody just mentioned in passing that Vladimir Putin had asked for a call with him, and right in front us, he absolutely shouted down Mike Flynn. Like, really shouted. This was at a formal dinner, with butlers and fancy crockery. … [Trump] was properly shouting at him down the table, because ‘if Putin wants a call with me, you just put him through,’”

Timothy said. [Ellipses in original.] The story (read it here) doesn’t say what Putin’s call was about, but my guess is Trump missed an interest payment again.

Photo: Putin fondles his favorite toy

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  1. Mark Adams #

    If the call is on the red phone (ummm teletype) any President should really take that call. With the football nearby.

  2. Spare us from the Red Devils #

    Putin is the football coach. Strategic game play maneuvering for the “re-election” of the Trumpster.

    The football is American democracy. Stakes are high. Democracy is fragile. Will the red rogue Kremlin coach call in the right plays for the Red Trumpster team?

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