Insider: Trump was “serious” about selling Puerto Rico

“I did not take it as a joke”

when Trump wondered aloud in August 2018 about trading Puerto Rico to Denmark for Greenland, Miles Taylor, a former DHS chief of staff, told MSNBC. “The president expressed deep animus towards the Puerto Rican people behind the scenes,” calling them “dirty and poor.”

“These are people who are recovering from … disaster … and he is their president. He should be standing by them, not trying to sell them off to a foreign country,” Taylor said. A White House official involved in Puerto Rico’s recovery defended Trump as supportive and told NBC News he’d never heard anything like that from Trump.

Read story here. Trump infamously threw paper towels at a crowd while visiting Puerto Rico in October 2017 after the hurricanes. (Read that story here.) Meanwhile, Trump has added QAnon conspiracy supporters to his list of “fine people” that already includes white supremacists and neo-Nazis. Read that story here.

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  1. Trade #

    Could we trade Trump for Puerto Rico?

    Puerto Rico can be rehabilitated and cleaned up.

    Trump can’t be rehabilitated or cleaned up.

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