Query: How many times has Trump been wrong about Covid-19?

Answer: Every time.

“First Trump said the pandemic would not take hold of the United States, but it did.”

“Then he said it would simply disappear and it didn’t.”

“Then the President said it was safe to open state economies¬†before the pathogen was fully under control — steps which helped cause a viral eruption across southern and western states.”

“He’s argued against all the principles of epidemiology that testing doesn’t matter — even though nations that have done better than the US have used that route to get the virus under control.”

“Last week, Trump said that there might be a vaccine before Election Day in another self-serving political comment. Now firms developing the inoculation and experts say that’s likely impossible.”

“Instead of taking the worst public health crisis in 100 years seriously and working with fact-based and scientific approaches, Trump has devoted his energy … to arguing that a response that is clearly disastrous is a glowing success. He’s spent weeks peddling non-cures and portraying the economy in the midst of a ‘boom’ even though millions of Americans remain unemployed. … [N]early six months into America’s battle with the pandemic, the country has a staggering one-quarter of all the world’s 20 million coronavirus cases. Thousands of Americans are dying every week …. Yet Trump did what he always [does] Monday as he identified a preferred outcome — opening schools and playing college sports — without providing any evidence that it was safe … or a plan [to] get back to normal. Instead he painted a rosy, fantastical notion that the nightmare is all but over.”
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Trump is clearly in over his head. He wasn’t qualified for the U.S. presidency to begin with, and now he’s trying to talk his way out of this crisis, but the virus isn’t cooperating. He’s gotten away with a lot of things in his life, but the Peter Principle finally caught up with him. What’s truly amazing is that anyone still listens to his lies.

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  1. Mark Adams #

    I think expectations are much too high. Then again perhaps Trump’s more basic reaction is much the course we should have taken. No shut down. Let it run its course. It very could have run the course and our economy would be intact. His non cure actually is effective as a pregalactic or in the early stages of the disease, and zinc in general prevents viruses from using cells to preproduce. Sometimes all we have to work with is old wives tales and sometimes they work. I doubt that the worlds actual number of cases is a mere 40 million, just like I doubt that the PLA and the North Korean and Iranian armies have had nary a case of this disease.
    There is plenty of evidence that opening the schools does not endanger children, and the risk to teachers and staff can be minimized. At the moment the US is the only industrialized nation whose kids won’t be going to school this fall. Or are you saying those effective European countries are wrong on this and will join the US in crises. Not so their experts say. I do know without college football there is little college sports. Maybe this is a good return to true amateur sports in college with most of the action purely on each campus. So all professional sports will have to have a minor league, and pay the players and college students will be true amateurs. Thank you Donald Trump….oh that not the outcome he wants.
    Any President would be in over their head in this crises particularly when governors of the opposing party are less than helpful.
    By the way the constitutional requirements for anyone being President are pretty thin. Trump qualifies and most voters voting back in 2016 were not prescient enough to know they should vote for a epidemical expert. Are you suggesting Hilliary Clinton had that kind of expertise? And there were other candidates of other parties that would pass your muster than either Trump or Clinton, but it did not come up in the debates, it did not come up as policy for either candidate, there were no reporters asking about what they would do during an epidemic. It was not an issue. So what boils down to the 2016 electorate was wrong every time.

  2. Roger Rabbit #

    Biden isn’t Hillary, and people who voted for Trump in 2016 can’t use her as an excuse this time. No president is right all of the time, but it takes work to be wrong all of the time. Beyond that, I absolutely do not understand how anyone can vote for someone of Trump’s character, given even a bland alternative. As the yard signs sprouting all over my neighborhood say, “Any functioning adult [in] 2020,” and that doesn’t describe Trump. You’re not exactly covering yourself with glory by making excuses for him.

  3. Any functioning Adult 2020 #

    Any functioning Adult 2020.

  4. Functioning Adults 2020 #

    A functioning adult in 2020, please.