No! to Trump on Mt. Rushmore

America’s most enormous megalomaniac wants to be included in its biggest monument. This is not a joke. He pressures South Dakota’s governor about it. Read story here. But she can’t authorize it, because Mt. Rushmore is on federal property. For God’s sake, don’t tell him that, or he’ll issue an executive order. I think a Biden administration and Democratic Congress, if there is one, should authorize funds and begin work to put FDR in that space.

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  1. Pounding down the burgers #

    A statue in Trump’s honor should be put up at McDonald’s headquarters in Elk Grove, Illinois. What could be a more “fitting”, “bursting at the seams” special than to honor Trump? What could be more patriotic, more American, than the Mid-West, red, white, and blue along with the golden arches, while slinging back a bunch of juicy, fat laden burgers?

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