Navajos are flattening the curve by cooperating with health experts

They have everything stacked against them: Poverty, crowded living conditions, no running water, limited medical facilities. But the Navajos, who have a higher Covid-19 death rate than any state, are flattening the curve with a stringent curfew and other drastic measures.

“It’s because of the Navajo people that our Nation is seeing a consistent flattening of the curve in terms of new COVID-19 cases. The people are listening to the health care experts when they are told to stay home, wear masks, social distance, wash hands, and avoid large gatherings,” said Navajo Nation President Jonathan Nez. (Read source here.)

This shows what can be accomplished when people are sensible and cooperate with sound health advice for the common good. Could this serve as a model for the rest of us? Nope, sorry, ain’t gonna happen. You can’t transplant their culture into ours, at least not in this lifetime. There’s apparently no way to reach people like these:

All we can do is stay as far away from these “freedumb”-loving plague spreaders as possible.

Update (8/10/20): The Bureau of Indian Affairs has announced it will reopen 53 reservation schools in 10 states, defying the concerns of teachers and tribal representatives. Read story here.

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  1. Science over politics #

    People who listen to the scientists, doctors or have the ability to follow the common sense advice will do well. The idiots (sorry right wingers but your b.s. calling for your freedom due to constitutional rights) puts your selfish beliefs over taking care of yourself or thinking of how your thoughtless decision of not wearing your mask puts others at risk. Then you all end up testing positive and some end up in the hospital and start whining about how you were so wrong. How stupid can you all be? You quarantine for 2 weeks because you were tested positive and then you go out and spread the virus because you are now a carrier. Get a clue wingers. Listen to the advise of doctors, scientists and the success stories not from b.s. right wing blogs and hacks who only care about their political interests over humanity.