Herman Cain at Trump’s June 20 Tulsa rally

No masks or social distancing. Now he’s dead from Covid-19. Read story here.


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  1. Mark Adams #

    It is an unknown if Cain even was exposed at the rally. It is also unknown if he had worn a mask that he still may have come down with the disease. Masks may help, but they are far from being particularly effective. The majority of people fail to wear a mask in an effective manner, and that includes health professionals who should know how to wear them and all the protocols. While our CDC bent to political pressure the WHO has yet to recommend that healthy people wear masks.

    When the pandemic is over I strongly suspect based on results from the 1918 and other pandemics that there will be much difference in rate of disease or deaths between areas that required masks and areas that did not. I do not know if Jimmy Dore is correct when he stated that masks are predicted to stop about .5 to 2 percent of cases. Numbers well within the margin of error. Yet we are spending a great deal of capital on something that frankly will not live up to the hype. Maybe Mr Cain simply decided to live free or die, or he may have been of the opinion that we are responsible for ourselves and not the government. Others in our society feel they should be their brothers keeper. If so they should offer proof of where and how Mr. Cain actually became ill. It is very likely that he caught the illness in a similar manner to others who have caught it, and that would mean he most likely caught it at home. At home, public transportation or while treating somone with Corvid 19 are the three ways most Americans have come down with the disease.

  2. Roger Rabbit #

    Some people are being very stupid about masks and social distancing. There is no legitimate controversy about their effectiveness. It’s the best thing we have to stop Covid-19 from spreading. The point of this article is Cain’s dead because he listened to political nonsense instead of the doctors and experts. That may happen to you, too, if you’re no smarter than he was. More important, you could become a spreader. Cain didn’t get Covid-19 from nowhere. Someone he came in contact with killed him for all intents and purposes. We have no right to endanger others. Rejecting masks and social distancing is selfish and immoral.

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