Contributors wanted

With Steve’s passing, I’m the only active contributor, except for some articles he post-dated. I want to change that.

This blog is thriving. Before March 2020, when he died, it got ~8,200 views a month; since then it’s averaging 20,000+ views a month. Some of this, I believe, is due to heightened interest in current affairs because of Covid-19 and the coming elections. But in any case, with an audience this large, keeping the content here interesting is very much on my mind.

I can do the job, but I’d like to add some other voices. Although this blog has an obvious liberal orientation, I have no desire to impose political conformity. What I’m looking for is fact-based, reasoned argument. It can argue the other side. Article submissions should generally conform to the commenting guidelines set forth in the “Commenting Policy” posted below; the main difference is that for articles, I’ll likely do what editors usually do, e.g. correct typos, spelling and grammar mistakes, and perhaps verify sources and possibly fact-check.

I don’t know how to create password access, so here’s what I suggest: Using the “Comments” box to this posting as an “article drop box.” This will bring them to my attention, and then I’ll post them as articles. It’ll help if you identify it at the top as an “Article Submission. ” You can write a headline and include a byline, but don’t have to; I can write the headline, or I may edit yours.

Posting dates and authorship are displayed in the fine print under articles. Those written by Steve post as “by theaveeditor,” and anything posted by me will show as “by Roger Rabbit.” Therefore, I will identify articles submitted by other contributors without bylines as “by a contributor.” although it will still post as “by Roger Rabbit.” “By a contributor” means I didn’t write it, and it’s not my work. All views and opinions expressed in articles are those of the actual author, and the fact I post it doesn’t mean I agree with or endorse the content.

Additional information for contributors can be found here.

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