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Pretending American causes are always noble leads to fascism.   The soldiers did not fight just for a noble ideal. Like most soldiers, Americans fought for their country. So did Germans, Japanese and Italians WWII. So did the soldiers under Napoleon and serving the Queen under the Duke of Wellingto[...]

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Memorial Day is also for remembering what they fought and died for

“Given the deep implications of Memorial Day, the question arises; do we ‘observe’ Memorial Day or do we ‘celebrate’ it? … Looking past the tears and bowed heads and folded hands … we can see something else; an idea. The idea of America is arguably the most significant in h[...]

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What is it?

A. Prop from Game of Thrones  B. Skull on display at the Creation Museum C. Skull of horned dinosaur D. Prop for upcoming Jurassic Park sequel E. Sculpture by Jared Kirschner[...]