What will happen to UW and WSU athletics?

The University of Washington and Washington State University athletic departments are run by Jen Cohen and Pat Chun, respectively. As athletic directors, their job duties embrace budgets, which obviously have been impacted by Covid-19 containment measures.

It’s still unknown to what extent UW and WSU teams will play a season, and whether it will be to empty or partially filled stadiums and fieldhouses.

But with budget cuts inevitable, ADs and coaches are taking voluntary pay cuts, asking boosters for more financial support, and staffing and program cuts can’t be ruled out.

A lot of modeling is being done, but much remains uncertain. Ultimately, the virus determines what happens.

But one thing seems certain: College athletics won’t go away; they’re on pause. Read story here.

Photo: Is this what Husky Stadium will look like this fall?

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  1. Mark Adams #

    A return to amateur college athletics? Where the goal is school spirit and entertaining the student body.

    Or Falun Gong exercises on the fields with special invites to the leadership of the CCP.

  2. Mark Adams #

    Will professional football have to start an actual minor league to recruit players from

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