“It’s just the flu.”

Some people want to minimize the seriousness of Covid-19 for ulterior reasons. They argue, “It’s just the flu. People die of flu every year.”

Except Covid-19 deaths are in addition to flu deaths. And the Covid-19 deaths have exceeded the typical number of flu deaths by multiples — currently 2 to 4 times the estimates of last winter’s seasonal flu deaths (source here). Plus, flu vaccines are available.

No, Covid-19 isn’t “just the flu.” (Cross-posted from


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  1. Mark Adams #

    And a 102 people die in automobile accident every day in the US at least pre shut down.

    The flu, Corvid-19 are different viruses. Using science there is no reason to have shut down any school in the United States over Corvid. A very small number of children have died under 18, while flu normally kills about 800 kids a year. So are we going to cancel school next year over the flu? Even with the ineffective flu vaccine about 800 individuals under 18 will die.

    How many preventable heart attacks will happen in the next few months because people are afraid. How many breast cancers have gone from 1 or 2 to a three or 4? How many deaths will there be for fathers day because treatable prostrate cancers were not treated due to the lock down and fear?

    Could some be exaggerating the seriousness or Corvid 19 for ulterior reasons?

  2. Roger Rabbit #

    The fact people are killed in car accidents doesn’t justify not doing everything possible to minimize the Covid-19 death toll. The fact some children die from flu doesn’t justify exposing school children to Covid-19 by reopening schools prematurely. Lockdowns, social distancing, and wearing masks — the only means we presently have of containing Covid-19 — are not keeping people with heart conditions and cancer from seeking medical care for these conditions; fear and ignorance are. We will not save more of those people by relaxing our efforts to contain Covid-19; increased Covid-19 cases would only make them even more afraid of medical facilities. The media are doing their part to educate the public to not neglect their other medical conditions because of Covid-19. What America needs — and what will save lives — is a responsible approach to managing Covid-19. Spreading partisan propaganda is counterproductive. People need to listen to the voices of wisdom at this stressful time in our history.

  3. Roger Rabbit #

    So I have a question for you, Mark. Should we not try to build safer roads and cars, get drunks off the road, and enforce speed limits? Should we not vaccinate school children against flu and other diseases? Shouldn’t we do everything we can to prevent Covid-19 deaths? Isn’t that our normal response to every kind of danger?