Artist’s rendering of Prehistoric Jesus chiseling a marijuana pipe from soft limestone. Woman and baby in background are disputed to not be the wife and child of Prehistoric Jesus.

A Christian FB friend keeps posting that all discussions need to start with the accepted facts that Jesus existed, was the messiah, died, was resurrected and He is the Son of God.

As an Atheist, a Jew,  and a Human very close to the true Deity, let me correct you about the facts.

Jesus was a minor figure and had nothing at all to do with God. God, in the person of his messenger Gabriel, explicitly denied being the father of Jesus and, of course, such statement is blasphemous under the words of God as directly stated ot Moses and saved in the Torah.

Beyond that, though supreme, God denies the implication that because He exists and is supreme, that all other deities do not exist or devils. Just as with God;s other creations, there are deities who are admirable and God has no objection to these beings being worshiped by non Jews. Indeed, for non Jews, these deities can be sources of great understanding.

So. worship Jesus if you want but do not blame God for your faults.  Also worship other Gods, as long as you do not demean God and as long as you are not Jewish.

Or become a Jew.

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