A FACEBOOK DIALOG: Student Athletes .. a full boat proposal

Everyone has an opinion on Richard Sherman t

On FB Charlies James and I were discussing the problem of low success rates in college for African American students. I suggest that one small part of the problem might be to rectify the the misuse of African American student athletes.

Low admissions requirements and dubious academic programs by create a bad example for all African American students. Solutions could include a combination of more rigorous GPA standards with guaranteed full boats for a minimum of four years.  The guarantee ought o hold true even if a student chooses to leave the team.

This version of the fullboat would put pressure on the schools to assure that student athletes get the sort of real help needed to become effective grads in or out of the playfields. Academic standards would not be adjusted for the athletes, instead they would be guaranteed full boat based on four years as FULL time students. Any time lost because of sports would extend the time for studies.

If the pros from the NFL and NBA do not like this deal, then they need to set up other ways for kids to go to school or set up bush league teams as in baseball.


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