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April 20th, 2020 - 9:02 pm § in Foreign Affairs

Questions about North Korean dictator’s health after heart surgery

North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un reportedly had heart surgery on April 12, and some reports suggested he was “in grave danger” or at least “incapacitated,” but a U.S. official later clarified that “the concerns about Kim’s health are credible but the severity is [...]

April 20th, 2020 - 10:27 am § in Misc.

An Old Haggadah

(Haifa, Israel 2018) – The Scribes of the Cairo Geniza project unveiled a Haggada from the 10th-11th centuries that offers a rare glimpse into the Jewish customs of the Middle Ages. The unique Haggada provides the Seder instructions in Judeo-Arabic, the Arabic spoken by Jews, written with Hebr[...]

April 20th, 2020 - 12:05 am § in Misc.

War hero dies from Covid-19

Bennie Adkins, 86, died Friday, April 18, 2020, from complications of Covid-19. Adkins, a former Army Special Forces soldier, received the Medal of Honor from President Obama in 2014 for his heroism during a Vietnam battle in 1966. Read his story here. Photo: Adkins with his wife.[...]