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Comments on this blog don’t post until someone clicks on an “Approved” button. Until Steve’s death, he moderated comments; now, that task falls on me. When comments go into the moderation queue, I get an email notification, but I don’t check that email account every day, so it may take a couple (or several) days for comments to post. Here are the guidelines I’m using for moderating comments:

A. Comments are welcome. Debate and diversity of views are encouraged.

B. Comments on the identities of anonymous posters will be deleted.

C. Comments that are racist or advocate violence will be deleted.

D. Comments that are libelous, infringe copyrights (and are not “fair use”), or otherwise might cause legal problems will be deleted.

E. Comments containing vulgar or offensive language may be edited or deleted.

F. Robo comments (and suspected robo comments) will be blocked and/or deleted.

G. When quoting material they did not write themselves, commenters are expected to put quote marks (“”) around that material and identify the source.

H. Excessively long or wordy comments may be edited, not posted, or in some cases I may decide to post them as an article with attribution to their author.

I. Comments will be posted exactly as written; typos, spelling, grammar, punctuation, etc., will not be corrected.

J. Content is the sole responsibility of the submitter. In keeping with The-Ave’s open commenting policy, the fact a comment has been posted is not an endorsement by The-Ave and does not validate its content. I generally won’t censor content, as a matter of principle; but that said, I won’t promise I’ll never, ever, under any circumstances, consider deleting a comment that is incomprehensible gibberish, total nonsense, a pack of lies, or appears to be enemy propaganda.* Even free speech has to have some minimal standards. (* Yes, I realize this could be an issue if quoting Trump, but I’ll generally let commenters quote Trump’s gibberish, nonsense, lies, and propaganda and deal with it in other ways.)

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