Thom Gunn: Why the Jews?

Thom Gunn .. from Facebook

It sure is the 64 dollar question…Excuse me everyone, one of my phantasies is a stud farm mixing Jews and Blacks, each one has in spades what the other lacks in clubs. And both have soul. By any measure, Jews are the brainiacs of the world and Blacks are the greatest physical specimens.

Of course there are exceptions and we should never limit anyone based on OUR perceptions, but pity the poor Trumpeters, generally White people generically who have been so sliced and diced, atomized from their origins, that they’ve lost them.

Two of my conclusions when I started studying this, pre Iraq war, when all the major players were Jewish, for and against, in the lights and at the cameras, scribing and running television and movies, at New York Times and New Yorker and Wash Post all cautiously endorsing action their home team wanted, was that if we were a judeo christian society, the judeos were definitely running things but recognizing this didn’t make me anti-Semitic, it made me a judeophile –because most of my great books were written by them… t\

The appropriate response when faced with superior culture is not to kill it, but to learn from it. Hitler was losing out in Vienna in everything he tried because he couldn’t compete with the hordes, millions of Jews pouring into the city as a refuge from like the cossacks for one.

Read Costigan’s biography of Freud’s life, I don’t give a whit for his theories, but his self discipline and perception were off the charts. Hitler came from a dysfunctional family, he had no support, but we also don’t know whether he had any Jewish blood. A grandmother working as a maid in a Jewish household got knocked up.

What a concept. Hitler takes a 23 and me. I don’t know that Hitler was any worse than Trump, he just had more opportunity for evil, with the pope looking the other way, and Hitler’s victims I think do not exceed Stalin’s or Mao’s, in fact they are dwarfed by those numbers.

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