Who Photoshopped the White House photo of Melania Trump’s birthday ?

The White House has ignored all requests for more information.  However,  on examining the image, our photography lab saw faint images of a pooka in the other end of the couch.  Apparently, the White House Photoshopped the image to remove the pooka!

Melania Finds a Pooka!

TA News’ forensic photography unit has solved an enigma.  Last Friday, the White House tweeted a strange photo to celebrate Mrs. Trump’s 49th birthday.  The photo showed Mrs. Trump sitting alone on the far end of a couch and staring into the distance. The rest of an empty couch was surrounded by an army of photographers and reporters apparently ignoring the first lady.

The image was tweeted by the White House with the simply labeled “Happy Birthday, @FLOTUS!”  The response has generated more than 22,000 comments with questions about Melania’s role in  Trump’s White House. Twitter users wanted to know why the White House chose to share a photo in which the first lady looks “all alone” on her birthday.  TA News has found that she was not at all alone!

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  1. Roger Rabbit #

    I sure am gonna miss pookas. May you be surrounded by pookas in the afterlife, Steve!

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