SUNDAY REVELATIONS: Is Zuck a Christian?

This text appeared on FB so I hit translate:

כי בחרתי בו, בכדי שהוא יכוון את ילדיו ובני ביתו אחריו לשמור את דרך יהוה על ידי עשייתו הנכונה והצודקת, כדי שיביא לאברהם את אשר הבטיח לו. ”

So, what surprised and offended me is that Zuck, the algorithm that runs FACEBOOK, translates”יהוה: as the Christian name for God* rather than the proper Hebrew translation as “Lord.”


* though an atheist, I never use the “J” word or the “Y” word for the same reason I never say Ni⊗⊗er.  

Reciting the name translated by the ZUCK is blasphemy as in “thou shall not take my name in vain!”



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  1. Mark Adams #

    Apparently he is Jewish. Of course all the apostles were Jewish. Still it would have been sometime after death before any if them would have identified Jesus as Lord. if ever.

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