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February 26th, 2020 - 11:05 pm § in Christianity, Jews

I try, perhaps with a bit of sarcasm, to post facts. Bernie strikes me as a prophet but prophets make lousy kings!

Bernie and I are Jewish. Our history has a lesson for this campaign In Judaism, the “bible” Christians use is just a collection of our history books. My Christian friends should go back and read about our Judges and Kings. Read also about the נביאים .. the prophets.  Isaiah, Jerem[...]

February 26th, 2020 - 6:18 pm § in Misc.

FBI arrests 4 Nazis for threatening journalists and activists

The FBI arrested four members of the “Atomwaffen” neo-Nazi group, including one arrested at his job in a Fred Meyer store in Kirkland, Washington, for allegedly threatening journalists and activists, Seattle TV station KING-5 reported on Wednesday, February 26, 2020. The men, all in thei[...]

February 26th, 2020 - 10:19 am § in Misc.

Dead Paul Owns a REAL Yellow Submarine!

Remember the Beatles’ immortal song, the Yellow Submarine? Seattle’s favorite dead man, an incorporal version of real-life Paul, owns his own yellow submarine.  The dearly departed Paul Allen, now dead for over a year, lives on as a Trust.  The Trust is oh so cool.  Money and property[...]

February 26th, 2020 - 9:33 am § in Misc.

How Much Did Tix to Tuesday’s Debate Cost?

“Most working people that I know don’t spend $1,700 to get a ticket to a debate.” —Sen. Bernie Sanders My wife and I get weekly invites from local politicians, from the U.S. Senate to the state House, to join them for lunch.  These intimate affairs run from $250 to $1500.  But,[...]