Why would Putin want Bernie?

Bernie’s foreign policy, based on his website, is at best vague.

That worries me but, what I can tell from his history, would very much serve Putin’s interests.  Even where Bernie’s stands have been ones I shared of the last 50 years 2021, is not the 1960s.  Isolationism, opposition to the military-industrial complex, even global warming need to be well-thought-out in an era where Russia still dreams of reasserting itself as a global imperialist power.

My worries about Russia are especially true because post-Gorbachev, Putin has created a kleptocracy that has no concept of the kind of corporate, national competition that we face with China.  This Russia, like Trump’s America, is living in a culture of thuggery, where imperial power means being able to threaten WWII all over again.

After Trump, our democracy is threatened.  Bernie may be able to repair some of that dmage.  But Bernie is not Trump. I simply do not see Bernie Sanders as having the sort of toughness and willingness to put issues before morals that a great world leader needs.

Look at the following and ask yourself WWBD?


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