I am, proudly, a PROSEMITE

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Racism from the Torah .. Shem, Ham, and Jap

Over an FB a somewhat racist pro Netnayahu Jew, says that”Arabs are hamites, not semites-“

This racist nonsense is rooted in the same racism that the Christians used to declare we Jews ere lesser human then they were. So, back in the 1500s, Jews and Moors could be sold into slavery. We became a kind of farm animal,  less than quite human.  Later the Christians added black people to their chattels.  The term Hamite was used to define Africans based on the biblical myth of the sons of Noah. The Spanish, Brit, and American slavers used Ham as an excuse to buy, breed and sell  Africans as cattle.
Only later did this racism recur when in the 1800s the myth of the sons of Noah was refashioned around Shem, so that white folks could say again say Jews were not quite human.  Antisemitism was justified as a defense against miscegenation .. mixing of the races.  Hitler took this to its ultimate endpoint .. the trains to Auschwitz.
Today, other then racists, any modern use of the term “Semite,”is based on language group or descent from a common set of ancestors.  Arabs and Jews .. along with some other groups, are semites. 
Sadly, it has also become common to say Arabs are semites as a way of saying you can not be antisemtie if you sypport Arabs over Jews.  I say sadly because the term “antisemtie” is rooted in hatred of the Jews, not of the common family of people who share a deep, 20,000 year old  genetic and lingustic root.  Love for my Arab cousins does nto excuse your hatered of me. 
Science has long past the racism of the 1800s when The term anti-Semitism was formulated to refer specifically to the hatred of Jews.  The fact that the term has never been used to refer to hatred against Arabs does not change the fact that Jews, Arabs and Ethiopians share lingustic, historical and genetic roots that are about 20,000 years  old.   We semites are also tied to the Babylonians and Assyrians .. making those ancient languages accessible via Hebrew and Arabic. Ethiopians also have this tie. .
Attempting to base the crisis in Palestine and Israel on some idea that Arabs are not Semites is just another form of racism. Rather, you are joining the 19th century racist by dividing two peoples with a wonderful shared history from OUR shared roots!

As a Sephardi and an Andalusian, I call myself proudly a Semite and see peace in Israel, Palestine and the larger middle east as PROSEMITISM.

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