Judge likens McCabe probe to “banana republic”

Andrew McCabe

Remember Andrew McCabe, the former FBI acting director fired on Trump’s orders 26 hours before he would have retired to deprive him of his pension, whom Trump accused of “treason” and threatened with the death penalty for allegedly leaking to the press? The McCabe case is all about Trump’s penchant for seeking retribution against perceived political enemies.

On Friday, the Department of Justice declined to prosecute him. This follows December’s release of an inspector general’s report (the “Horowitz” report) that found “no political bias” in the FBI’s investigation of the Trump campaign. In 2018, a secret grand jury apparently refused to indict him.

All of this blows a big hole in Trump’s “deep state” conspiracy theory (read story here). And on Friday, a federal judge likened the White House-directed investigation of McCabe to the actions of a “banana republic” (read that story here and here).


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