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No, I am neither Dem nor Rep

 I am neither a democrat or a republican. I base my politics on the ideals and ideas of two Americans .. Jefferson and King. They defined .. for me .. America in terms of opportunity.  I judge political ideas by whether they promote equal opportunity for Americans but also for all humans. I also u[...]

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GREAT AD Bloomberg


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Why Mail-In Ballots Frighten Me!

Mail in ballots open the door to another issue … buying ballots. Here in ohso liberal Seattle, we already have  Seattle ballot nights at bars where you can exchange a ballot for a beer. While the ballots may be sealed, it is trivially to use a campaign database to select who is invited to suc[...]

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Donald Trump’s AG, William Barr is embracing national socialism

US should buy control of Nokia, Ericsson to fight Huawei: Attorney General Barr  Barr wants the United States to take controlling stakes in Nokia and Ericsson, creating a state corporation able to battle Chinese telecoms giant Huawei’s dominance of the 5G market. “From a national securi[...]