Iran’s Peace Plan for Palestine

Solemeini with Kurdish fighters during the war on Isis in Iraq.  The proposal for Palestine is a lot like the composition of Iran .. a state dominated by the Shiiite Iranians but with large minorities of Christians, Zoroastrians, Kurds and, yes, some Jews.

Iran’s proposal is for a referendum among all the people who claim an identity as Palestinian.  The wrinkle here is who would be included .. refugees living today in a Palestinian diaspora?  Jews outside of Israel?

Nonetheless it is worth a discussion! 

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  1. Mark Adams #

    What would the referendum question/questions be?

    At minimum would not all the population of Israel and Jordan be included. The original American Jews with dual citizenship or any Jews outside of Israel, while Israel would have to insist all Jews should be able to vote in such an election as it is the homeland for all Jews even those with no discernable connection with the Levant.

  2. theaveeditor #

    I think yes, the populations of Israel, Jordan and Palestinians living in refugee camps in Lebanon should all be able to vote. The ballot could address the rights of return and the role of Jerusalem.