Trump on North Korea, Syria, Iran, Crimea ??????

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Chancellor Merkel tries to explain foreign policy to Donald

The media seem to have missed something … the State of the Union speech on Tuesday somehow did not mention the massive diplomatic failures in Korea, Iran, Syria, Yemen, the universal rejection of Kushner’s Plan to make Palestine go away, our abandonment of all nuclear treaties and … and …

The Donald bragged about killing Solemeini and Baghdadi as if that had stopped the Russian/Turkish massacre (now estimated at 500.000 people) in what is now a Syria free of American influence!  Yippee!

The Donald also seemed somnolent on the issue of Iran’s now steady progress toward enough U235 and plutonimium to build A bombs. Hazzah!

And of course, the Donald seems bored by his social events that failed to convince Kim Jung Un to give up North Korea’s growing nuclear arsenal.  And hey, the development of cheap missile subs by Germany and Italy?  Does that make nuclear proliferation scary to the Donald?

Nor did el Donald give a word to the status of NATO … its failing presence in Afghanistan or continued erosion oe Eastern Europe under Russian threats.   Putin must have been proud!

Interestingly the Donald also left out our great successes in building what he has called a mideast NATO .. built around the murderous Mohamed Ben Salman regime in Saudi Arabia and the idea that maybe the Palestinians would like to live in apartheid bantustans funded by the berobed playboys from Riyahd?

NK News, a website that covers North Korea, did try to ask about how come the Donald is no longer interested in Dear Leader Kim.  Neither the White House nor the U.S. State Department responded to NK News inquiries about why the North Korea issue was left out of the speech.  However, the White House, in preparation for the State of the Union, did send reporters a memo listing what it described as the President’s foreign policy successes during his term — a list which cited the Korean peninsula.  And, the White House was proud to say that “We are also getting our allies, finally, to help pay their fair share,”

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