Trump talks progressing with Saudis on nuclear program

As Rick Perry resigns as Secretary of Defense, he is leaving a frightening legacy ..A Saudi bomb.

Mohamud IBN SALMAN,  the world’s most notorious murdering dictator and the hereditary ruler of a kingdom that violates Islamic law as well as human sense, says he wants to use nuclear power to diversify hids regimes energy mix,  That means getting the US to supply the Saudi Kingdom with a full-cycle nuclear program, including the production and enrichment of uranium for atomic fuel.

Reuters has reported that progress on the discussions has been difficult because Saudi Arabia does not want to sign a deal that would rule out the possibility of enriching uranium or reprocessing spent fuel – both potential paths to a bomb.

Speaking at a round table in Abu Dhabi, Perry added that the United States was doing everything it could to have a ready global supply of oil.

“We are the number one oil and gas producer in the world, we don’t intend to use it as a weapon. We intend to make it available and in as many places and as competitively priced as we can,” Perry said.

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