Breaking: Trump businesses to rebrand!

Selling anything with the “Trump” name on it has become difficult — condos, hotel rooms, clothing lines, etc. — so like any business struggling with an image problem, the Trump Organization has decided to rebrand. We obtained advance word of the name change by searching for new USPTO trademark filings. From now on, the “Trump” brand will be known as “Tramp” — e.g., the Tramp Hotel in Washington D.C., where foreign diplomats stay to pay and play, the Tramp golf courses and country clubs that provide employment for illegals, the tariff-exempt Chinese neckties, etc.

The advantage of the name change is that it’s simple, it’s sweet, it requires painting over only one letter in all the existing signage, and nobody will ever associate the rebranded businesses with the disgraced Trump family.

Photo below: The Trump Organization reportedly signed this man to a multiyear contract as their new celebrity spokesperson.




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  1. Mark Adams #

    Does the spokesman have the official Trump Tramp stamp and do we have to see it?

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