BREAKING FUTURE NEWS: Three monarchies celebrate 2222022.


“The Grand Alliance” describes both a political event and the famous painting by Sami ibn Rafi that commemorated that event.

TA News, London, December 13, 2030. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has presented a major art work to the British Museum for permanent exhibit.  The piece, commissioned by the Saudi King and the work of Saudi artist Sami ibn Rafi, commemorates an event that is is well known.  On February 22, 2022, sometimes called 2222022, the man the Saudis named “el Donald,” had been re-elected President of the United States .. as it was still known.  A year after the re-election the US continued to prosper and was reformed under el Donald with a new Constitution and the name “Democratic Republic of America.” In effect the DRA became a hereditary democracy with a President chosen by the newly formed hereditary cabinet.

Great Britain had also changed a lot,  Free of the prosperous European Union, now including Scotland, England was unable to trade freely with the North Sea states for oil or natural gas.  Moreover, because of the free trade agreement between the EU and China, China had withdrawn its investments in England leading to a deep recession fueled by a loss of trade and poor access to energy.  England needed to turn to the Democratic Republic of America and to the Saudi Kingdom for both investment and fuel.

Fortunately, the accession of a new king, Muhamud ibn Salman, came early after the King’s father was said to have a disabling stroke.

Muhamud ‘s father, King Salman, had stepped down after the  stroke. Mahamud consulted with his fellow royal,  Queen Elizabeth of England, about how best to stage a royal coronation in a democratic fashion.  sadly, at 95, Elizabeth II had also had a stroke so she turned the discussion over to her Prime Minster, the newly named Baron Lord Boris.  Boris conceived of a grand deal to be consumated at the inauguration of the new King.

Lord Boris proposed a three nation alliance to compete with the EU and China.   el Donald also saw this as unique opportunity to make the biggest deal of his reign.  He agreed with the new King to consecrate a formal trade agreement between the Saudi Kingdom, the Democratic Republic of America, and the English State.

Under the Grand Alliance the three monarchies would exchange princes and princesses.  Prince Harry took the title of Sheikh of Riyad and the eldest son of King Muhamud was married to Princess Charlotte.  el Donad’s youngest son, Eric, agreed to covert to Islam and add a Saudi Princess as his second wife.

In addition, since England, after the sad schism with Scotland, was no longer the United Kingdom, the royal remnant had to relinquish its legal claim to its seat on the UN Security Council,  the King, the President and the Queen committed to give the former seat permanently to the Saudi government.

The Grand Alliance also determined that all trade between the three world democratic monarchies would be without tariffs. This was especially important in terms of oil since, no longer owning Scotland, England was in dire need of fuel.  In return for oil, the English agreed to provide well-trained servants to work in Saudi homes.

The painting is, of course, a fiction view of the celebration following the coronation and preceding the signing of the Grand Alliance.  The retired King Salman, seen to the right  was, like the Queen of England, not able to appear in public. Nor was it his custom to have his harem girls dance at state events.  The image on the left of Lord Boris holding his dog and bowing deeply was meant to show how honored he was since dogs are normally shunned in Islam.  On the left, the painter mistakenly depicted Barron, son of el Donald, rather than Eric the newly minted Sheikn.  The appearance of what appears to be Adnan Kashoggi next to King Salman, is an apparent optical artifact cause by ibn Rafi’s elegant brush stroke method and what appears to be a red pigment bleeding through the canvas.

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  1. Mark Adams #

    The House of Saud. The Protectors of two of the Holiest places of Islam would never commission such a painting. Even when trying to capture the hearts and minds of people in the west this improper representation of occidental people and of the people of the middle east just shows western disrespect to the values of the majority of people in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

    And yes the Saudis would like the painting this picture is based on removed and destroyed.

  2. theaveeditor #

    Are you for real? You think Saudi Arabia is a democracy? Do you understand how widely despised the Saudis are as bad Muslims? As for sexual mores, gimme a break!

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