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Minitrue: Delete Parodies of Jack Ma’s 996 Comments

CHINA Digital Times, reports: The following instructions were issued to the media by government authorities.  The China Digital Times obtained the leaked text from an issuing body whose name has been omitted to protect the source.

BEIJING (Reuters) – Posts on Microsoft’s GitHub, a site for coders world wide, is getting protests from Chinese technology workers faced with grueling overtime hours with not overtime pay.  It is common for companies to exptect a  “996” work culture, .. 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. workday, six days a week. An anonymous activist asked,   “What’s the difference between these 996 companies and the old landlords who oppressed peasants???” Jack Ma’s Alibaba Group Holding Ltd, Inc and drone maker DJI Technology Co Ltd were among the blacklisted firms. “996.ICU” was Github’s most book-marked project on Friday with over 176,000 followers.

All websites: comprehensively find and delete all e’gao parodies of ’s 996 comments and related videos. (May 3, 2019). [Chinese]

Last month, Alibaba founder and richest man in China Jack Ma attracted social media criticism for a Weibo post interpreted by many as being supportive of the “996” culture in China’s tech industry–referring to 9AM to 9PM workdays six days a week. Ma also said in a recent speech to employees that he thought it was a “huge blessing that we can work 996,” and that if someone wants to work at his company they should be prepared for 12-hour daily shifts. Ma’s comments came after Chinese tech workers launched a viral Github campaign in protest of the grueling work culture, which was blocked by web browsers from some Chinese tech companies, but has found support from tech workers in the U.S.

Netizens have since begun poking fun at Ma by creating parody music videos. One such video, titled “Poor Overtime” (穷加班) splices together video footage of Ma to appear as if the tech billionaire is singing in autotune. Some of the lyrics from that video include:

“I start another day of work
I’ll work til 9:30
I love to work overtime everyday
I still want my salary to rise
But I’m afraid I won’t even be able to eat […] ”

“996 isn’t the problem
The problem is that it’s compulsory […]” [Chinese]

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