Ohso poor Julián and Kamala set a poor example!

This really ticked me off.  Sure I am very excited by Julián, Kamala, et al.  And yes, their ethnic origins are a plus. BUT .this sort of race-based fund raising is RACIST.  It plays into the hands of the Trumpies and anyone who thinks that the Dems are obsessed with race.



I’m putting the DNC on notice.

I’m not interested in a handout for the debate stage. I’m not asking for anybody to change the rules of the game in the middle of it.
But it’s time for our party to make some big changes. It’s time for the DNC to create a presidential primary system that reflects the diversity of this country and this party.
We need to change the whole game.

There’s no reason that Iowa and New Hampshire should go first for almost 50 years – two states that have hardly any black people in them, any people of color.

We need to reward states that —
— reflect the diversity of our party and of our country,
— do things like make voting easier for people – people with disabilities, workers who can’t just show up one time at seven o’clock because they have to work a shift.
That’s the kind of meaningful change I’m calling for—it’s time to change the game. But until then, I’ll keep speaking up for diversity, including the voices of the vulnerable, and fighting for a fair and equitable process. 

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