MELANIA’S HYPOCRISY .. The Real Baron Trump!

In 1889 American lawyer Ingersoll Lockwood published a novel, Travels and adventures of Little Baron Trump and his wonderful dog Bulger, followed by the sequel, Baron Trump’s Marvelous Underground Journey. The novels recount the adventures of the German boy Wilhelm Heinrich Sebastian Von Troomp, who goes by “Baron Trump”, as he discovers weird underground civilizations, offends the natives, flees from his entanglements with local women, and repeats this pattern until arriving back home at Castle Trump.

I am shocked, shocked .. has Melania read the original script? 

In the updated version that Mrs Trump lives in, an illegal immigrant from Yugoslavia a now failed, shit hole country in Communist Eastern Europe, comes to the US, makes it good as a porn model and later courtesan, Finally, she catches her man.. the future President of the United States. She gets pregnant, divorces his wife, and they go on to hold court ion America’s place, the White House.

The script read like a revised version of a 19th century novel written about the spoiled son of German aristocrat who becomes a baron .. the name Sonald and Melania gave to their son.  But, now Pamela Karlan , professor of constitutional law at Stanford since 1998, testified before the House Judiciary Committee about Mr. Trump’s pretension,

“While the president can name his son Barron, he can’t make him a baron.”

Immediately, Trump’s press secretary Stephanie Grisham tweeted:

Image result for tweet bird"“Classless move by a Democratic ‘witness.’ Prof Karlan uses a teenage boy who has nothing to do with this joke of a hearing (and deserves privacy) as a punchline. And what’s worse, it’s met by laughter in the hearing room.”

Within an hour or so, Melania Trump, or whoever, responded

Image result for tweet bird"“A minor child deserves privacy and should be kept out of politics. Pamela Karlan, you should be ashamed of your very angry and obviously biased public pandering, and using a child to do it.”

All in good fun, one supposes, when the President uses obscenities to refer to other leaders and even to the press.  But, the back story comes from the original  Baron Trump as rediscovered three years ago in an Internet forum. Users of the internet quickly  pointed out similarities between the protagonist and the son of U.S. President Donald Trump.  

In London, the Donald demeaned his colleagues so much that they broke out in laughter atthe American poseur.

The character in the books is a young man who, as Jaime Fuller wrote in Politico that Baron Trump is “precocious, restless, and prone to get in trouble”, often mentions his massive brain, and has a personalized insult for most people he meets. His bizarre behaviour at this week’s NATO meeting is an example of the humor that apparently mistakes Mrs.Trump.

To add to the irony, Chris Riotta noted in Newsweek that Baron Trump’s adventures begin in Russia. Riotta also mentioned another book of Ingersoll’s, 1900; or, The Last President, in which New York City is riven by protests following the shock victory of a populist candidate in the 1896 presidential election who brings on the downfall of the American republic.[3][4]

As of July 2017, filmmaker and Trump supporter Leigh Scott was reported to plan a crowdsourcing campaign to produce a feature film adaptation of the Baron Trump novels.


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