Scoop: U.S. pushing Arab states for non-belligerence pacts with Israel

IDF generals and Mossad, Shin Bet, and police

is reporting that the Trump administration is trying to lubricate the impasse between Israel and its neighbors by encouraging an aggression pacts as a step to peace.

Israeli, Arab and U.S. sources tell Mr. Ravid that President Trump’s deputy national security advisor, Victoria Coates, met last week with the ambassadors of the UAE, Bahrain, Oman and Morocco in Washington. All four countries have secret contacts and cooperation with Israel but no diplomatic relations.
The problem with such an effort by Trump is Trump’s lack of credibility with the average muslim.  A good example is Victoria Coates.  She may not be someone anyone outside of Trump’s coateries will respect. In the 2000s, she blogged mainly about foreign policy under the pen name “AcademicElephant” at the alt-right  Conservative blog portal RedState.  This les to her being hited by Donald Rumsfeld, and after Rumsfeld left office she started working for him, being an advisor for his book Known and Unknown: A Memoir, published. The she worked for other alt right savants, Rick Perry  and then Ted Cruz before joining team Trump.
Can a Fox News product who helped plan the invasion of Iraq have credibility among the Palestinians?
Her background is compounded by an alliance the Trumpettes have tried to build .. an alliance that centers around the Saudis.  The  Saudis. the Omanis and their UAE allies are widely despised by Muslims outside of the world fueled by the arrogance of unlimited oil wealth.
Hamas is one example.  The alt-right weirdly conflates Hamas, an offshoot of the Muslim Brotherhood, with Iran.  That is wrong, though Iran does support Hamas, the seed of the Muslim Brotherhood is a Sunni idea.  The ideal is more or less an Islamic version of democracy utterly opposed to the monarchic, plutocratic model of the tribal states led by the Saudis and the murdering Muhamud ibn Salman.
So, this week Coates met at the White House with an Israeli delegation led by the Israeli foreign ministry. Israel’s Trump-like, scandal-ridden interim government, can hardly reassure the oil sheiks much less their opponents in Qatar, Tehran, and Syria.

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