I Want Hasbro’s New Game for Christmas!

Where is the POC?

In a confusing, multicultural world, it can be hard to find who is and is not a POC.  Identities can also change, for example when a lady of color marries a British price, will their kids be POCs, Royals or Royal POCs?  Now Hasbro brings this excitement to its first board game played simultaneously on a real game board and on your iPHONE and Android.

Each game comes with a Monopoly board where players throw the dice to become a person or persons in a group photograph. Any person int he picture can be a token, but only person of color get to selct theoir token to move on the board.   Levels of privilige determine how much money and which properites each player gets before the game begins.  Dice are rolled according to “social rules” that determine the value of a throw depending on a character’s race.  Each player may have more than one character but levels of privilege are only revealed as the charcters pass through GO.

This is Habro’s first hybrid game .. combining the comouting power of the cloud with a real board.. “Where is the POC?”  Each version of POC the game is based on a different challenge … the royal family, White House Interns, Olympic Tennis, Presidential candidates .. with more to come!


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