Trump Targets Gordon

Gordon Sondland is a mystery man for those of us who live in Seattle.

According to Oregon, Gordon lives here in Seattle .. in a hotel room in the former Hotel Roosevelt.  That way he does not pay income taxes n Oregon!   Hmm,  he seems to be a denizen of Portland where his home is and where, I presume he votes since he is a long time Oregon Republican contributor.

As Gordon Sondland tries to ‘splain himself to the impeachment hearings, President Trump told reporters outside the White House on Wednesday that he “doesn’t know” EU Ambassador Gordon Sondland “very well.”  “I have not spoken to him much. This is not a man I know well. He seems like a nice guy though.”

This is very confusing.  Trump tweeted last month that Sondland was “a really good man and great American” who he would love to see testify before the impeachment inquiry. Now,  after Sondland revised his closed-door impeachment testimony to be more damaging to the president, the Donald “hardly [knows]” Sondland but added that “this is the man who said there was no quid pro quo.”

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