Ken Starr: Sondland testimony ‘guarantees there will be articles of impeachment’

Ken Starr has told Fox News that Gordon Sondland’s testimony before the House Intelligence Committee guarantees there will be articles of impeachment for obstruction, citing the Trump administration’s refusal to give him access to his notes and other records.

“‘We have now, a process crime, contempt of Congress, contempt of the House in the course of its impeachment,’ he said,” according to Fox, “adding Democrats will claim Sondland’s testimony proves President Trump ‘committed the crime of bribery.'”

See story with video clip of Starr’s comments here.

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  1. Mark Adams #

    That article appears to have been a given for sometime now, perhaps the only article, and the question being will it pass the house as a whole?
    Technically we are not yet in impeachment hearings until the House Judicial committee meets.
    The Judiciary committee could have a impeachment party with impeachments for everyone in the administration…..well at least Barr, Perry, Trump, Pence….

    We will also overlook the fact that foreign aid is sometimes a bribe cooked up by Congress. Ultimately it is Congress offering a bribe to the Ukraine.

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