Kentucky GOP legislators threaten to overturn election!

ILLEGITIMATE. That’s a word you may hear describing Kentucky’s Republican governor, Matt Bevin, if the state’s GOP-controlled legislature follows through on a threat by Republican Senate President Robert Stivers to keep him in office by invoking a state constitutional provision — unused for 120 years — that empowers the legislature, not a judge, to make the final decision in election challenges.¬† Read story here.

Bevin lost the election because he attacked teacher pensions, and if the GOP legislature overturns the election, Kentucky could face a mass teacher uprising. Republicans wouldn’t mind that, because they want to destroy public education anyway, so that’s unlikely to be a deterrent.

Photo: Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin lost the election, but Republican legislators are threatening to defy the voters and reinstall him as governor.

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  1. Mark Adams #

    Technically no one has won the race until the Kentucky Secretary of State formally announces the winner. Bevin has asked the canvassing boards to recheck their numbers, and may file for a recount, and for the House and Senate to step in. It is a 5000 vote difference, but a scriber error or count of a counties absentee voter ballots could make up the difference. Maybe the Russians interfered. Though it does appear Kentucky uses paper ballots.
    It ain’t over at least until next Tuesday.

  2. Roger Rabbit #

    Now it’s over.

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