Moody’s predicts a Trump landslide

But consider the source. Moody’s also slapped triple-A bond ratings on mortgage-backed securities that turned out to be dog poop.

Meanwhile, reputable polls show a majority of Americans now favoring Trump’s impeachment and removal from office, every potential Democratic nominee handily beating him, and his approval ratings sinking to new all-time lows.

So you can be forgiven for wondering where Moody’s thinks all those votes for Trump will come from.

The answer is they’re basing it on an economic model that doesn’t take into account factors like Trump’s lies, corruption, and behavior. Which is kinda like a doctor telling a patient he has a cold and sending him home without doing saying anything about the cancer.

Which is what you have to expect from a company in the dog poop sales business.


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  1. Mark Adams #

    Reputable polls showed us in 2015 and 16 that our next President was going to be Hilliary Clinton. That Trump had no chance of winning.

    Now when Moody’s uses tried and true fact based reality that says the guy in the White House should easily win a second term up comes the Democratic punditry. And the Dems have not choosen a candidate and the field is still big. There is a chance there will be no candidate going into the Democratic convention with a majority.
    The polls are not saying a majority of Americans support impeachment and removal, just an inquiry.Most do not care one way or another how Trump spoke to the President of Ukraine or if Trump properly or improperly withheld funds to Ukraine. They also know Joe Biden did it as Vice President. In fact 53 % of the voters in purple states are not in favor of impeachment at all, and those are the states that are as George Bush put it: “the deciders.”
    American voters loved Huey Long because he was as crooked as they come, but he was our crook was what the folks in Louisiana would say. Time for some catfish and poor boys.

  2. Roger Rabbit #

    Confronted with conflicting polls, Mark, I personally wouldn’t go with the pollster who pasted triple-A bond ratings on fish wrappers. That’s all I’m saying in this opinion piece.