SUNDAY REVELATIONS: Seeking God’s Truths

Not all religions claim absolute truth, Buddhism is a process, like science based on a methodical discovery. Judaism is similar except that the Torah is accepted as revelation. However, science is regarded as the word of God so when science trumps Torah, the Torah must be reinterpreted.

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  1. Mark Adams #

    Of course one is comparing apples and oranges here. There is no God per say to Buddhists, just the world as it is, as it has always been and it goes on, and is all there is and all that will be, with no god involved.
    Compared with a religion even if tongue in cheek God creates everything in seven days. Certainly such a God knows all the truths worth knowing. Though this god does not always seem to know them and so much more. So this god gets challenged by Abraham who rebels and tells God it is wrong for Abraham to sacrifice his son to God. He is not the only rebel. Too bad God chooses not to reveal the truth. Is string theory the truth or not? Or some other esoteric physics? Has it been the sun that is the driver of the Earths warmth these last few decades or the release of CO2? Why is it so messy to figure out CO2s effect and whether to move to northern Canada, Alaska and Russia. Some of the winners in a warming world.

  2. theaveeditor #


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