“You’re fired!”

Shepard Smith sacks Fox News — or was it the other way around??

Fed up with Fox’s talking heads constantly undermining its own news division, Shepard Smith asked to be released from his contract and walked away from his job as Fox’s top news anchor. At least, that’s how the story was reported Friday afternoon, when the news of his departure broke. Read story here.

But on Saturday, it was widely reported that Bill Barr, who everyone knows is actually acting as one of Trump’s personal attorneys while drawing salary on the public payroll as Attorney General of the United States, privately met with Fox’s owner, Rupert Murdoch, two days before Smith’s departure.

We don’t know what they discussed. But the optics are terrible. In the news business, image and public perception are all-important, and a legitimate news organization simply doesn’t hold private meetings with the subjects of its news reporting or their representatives. And certainly not to discuss internal personnel matters. Nothing could delegitimize a news organization quicker.

Of course, many people never considered Fox a legitimate news organization to begin with.


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  1. 1

    Perhaps our Atterney General always worked for the interests of crooks. I guess Bill Barr got our attention because Trump is not our Mafioso in the White House? Well not mine.

  2. Mark Adams #

    Who knows…well Mr. Murdoch knows. Maybe Shepard just decided to go on a long vacation on a South Pacific Island.

    The fact is members of every administration do sit down and have dinner, party, ect. with executives of media companies. Seen the movie “The Post?” There is often inside speculation. Sometimes someone ends up on the cutting room floor because of a meeting. Wait until Bill Barr sits down with folks at CNN or MSNBC and then when someone quits or is fired speculate on the Bill Barr connection….yes Roger those meetings happen just this one got publicized. Often media today is awfully slow at defending the first amendment perhaps Mr. Murdoch got an opportunity and did so at this ever so secret meeting. Could be they discussed the USBS based on the BBC and we will all pay a tax for great news coverage, great historical shows, drama ect., but I’m sure there would be outrage from the networks, and public television can be ignored except for Big Bird…he rules.

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