Trump’s decision and has left allies at home and abroad reeling. Even Pentagon received no warning of the decision. The Israelis. who have fought alongside the Kurds for decades are deeply hurt.

Unlike the Israelis the Kurds have always been in their homeland. The great Muslim general, el Saladin, was a Kurd and he freed Jerusalem from the Chrstians during the crusades.

But, for most that time the Kurdish homeland has been occupied .. under Iranians, Arabs and in modern times the Soviets and Turks. So, from the early days of Israeli independence, the two peo0les have stood beside each other.

Now, the Kurds,in northern Syria after being the ONLY indigenous force to fight with the US to overthrow Assad, have been efed by Trump. Kurds, male and femal soldiers, fought alongside the US-led coalition to defeat ISIS since 2015.

Erdogan has real rpoblems with Kurds living in Turkey. But the Turkish dictator considers Kurdish forces to be terrorists.
Trump endorsed Turkey’s military operation in the Kurdish region, wafter speaking to Turkey’s president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, by phone.

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  1. Mark Adams #

    Why are we in Syria? If the Turks have decided to invade an area we have 50 troops in perhaps getting out of the way is a good idea. We have no strategy here. The Turks do have tradition. Make a big show of strength. If that does not work, pay people off and if those don’t work, then militarily act which is the most expensive option.
    Odd how the concern is not the potential for a NATO ally getting into a fight with the Russians.

  2. theaveeditor #

    Sighhh …

    you sound like a Trumpy on this. Do you really believe Trump is making strategic decisions???

  3. theaveeditor #

    Lessee .. hmmm this seems to be more ohso anonymous email from Bill Quick. This troll lives in South Carolina and is my brother in law. He is a sometimes violent guy who, among other things has been part of ther effort to steal and destroy my father’s heritage from Buchenwald.. A few years ago my site was hacked and I was able to trace this to an address close to Bill’s home in South Carolina. Since he and my sister are the only folks I know there I reported my suspicions to the SC state police. They told me they had limited resources but would pay Bill a visit. After that, I started getting these strange anonymous troll posts.

    So FWI worth, the UW was among the top medical schools in the world when I chose to come here and my program added to that success. I am proud of that era here.

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