Elizabeth Warren has too many giraffes

Trump: Elizabeth Warren has too many giraffes.

Press: Sir, Elizabeth Warren doesn’t have any giraffes.

Trump: I’m just saying there’s a giraffe problem. There is a big giraffe problem. [cough] Elizabeth Warren.

Press: It seems like you’re trying to tarnish a political opponent with a made-up problem.

Trump: No, I am against people having too many giraffes. It’s all about giraffes, and this is widespread. There are so many examples of this. You don’t think people should have a bunch of giraffes in their house, do you? What kind of person thinks that is ok?

Press: That’s not happening.

Trump: So many examples. Why, here’s an example, one of so many, but just off the top of my head — look at Elizabeth Warren, who has too many giraffes.

Press: Sir, Elizabeth Warren has no giraffes.

Trump: She stole them from the zoo, you know.

Press: Sir, she doesn’t have any giraffes. The zookeeper says there are no giraffes missing.

Trump: That zookeeper is corrupt. I fired that zookeeper. This is the sort of thing I am talking about. So widespread. Such a problem. The zookeeper, Elizabeth Warren. It looks bad. Really bad. It doesn’t look good!

Press: What.

(From Democratic Underground; to view the original, click here. For an extended version posted on, click here and scroll down to #39.)


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  1. Mark Adams #

    Not even to the primaries and this election is going to the giraffes, look it is the hyenas demanding equal time, and the parrots are whistling.

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