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October 6th, 2019 - 8:24 pm § in Donald Trump

Elizabeth Warren has too many giraffes

Trump: Elizabeth Warren has too many giraffes. Press: Sir, Elizabeth Warren doesn’t have any giraffes. Trump: I’m just saying there’s a giraffe problem. There is a big giraffe problem. [cough] Elizabeth Warren. Press: It seems like you’re trying to tarnish a political opponen[...]

October 6th, 2019 - 5:46 am § in Misc.

SUNDAY REVELATIONS: On Yom Kippur, Can Christians learn Teshuvah?

Teshuvah, תשובה, is the center of Judaism’s most holy day, Yom Kippur.  Yom Kippur also offers an important message for all Americans.  This Wednesday, we Jews will spend hours beating our chests and confessing .. to ourselves for our sins.  The ritual is called viddui, but the keyword[...]