I Endorse EGAN in District 3

Since she was elected, Kshama Sawant has ignored District 3.

Her interests are national .. as part of a movement that she sees herself leading.,  I doubt many outside of that circle take her seriously.  In practice, she has been obstructive.  In particular, she sees herself as a self-chosen leader of groups, especially African Americans, in a time when that community has fled her District.

She makes bizarre claims to be an economist .. based on a PhD thesis that has never been published.   I actually read it.  That theis on the effect of education in her homeland or India, was .. to me .. simplistic.  It contained math that even I saw as weak.  I had it read by a friend who is a highly respected economist.  He was underwhelmed and doubted she would ever get a job as an economist.

So I am opposed to Sawant.   I know less about Egan but he is obviously competent and very involved in this District.   He calls out Sawant’s self serving politics and emphasizes District 3 needs.  Will he meet my ideals?  I do not know .. I hope he will grow a lot in the job!  It seems clear that HE wants to represent District 3.

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