Trump’s wallowing in the swamp continues.


The beleaguered President is Trumpeting claims  made by two South Florida Republican donors say that they have explosive information about “widespread corruption involving Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, American diplomats and Ukrainian officials.”  Of course these friends of Trump happen to be Ukrainian.  Their disgruntled former business partners, describe Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman as well known con men.  “Mr. Parnas is a con man, he is a crook,” Dianne Pues told the Miami Herald. “He conned us from day one.”

Parnas has been sued over everything from a small-claims debt owed to a furniture maker in Delray Beach to unpaid legal bills to a $100,000 loan issued to a natural gas firm he runs with Fruman. The plaintiff in the latter case also alleged that Parnas and Fruman “boasted” about their close relationships with major figures in the GOP …major figures that include Rudy Giuliani.

Daily Beast reported late last month, that  Giuliani tasked Parnas and Fruman with uncovering alleged evidence of Biden-related corruption, and the pair served as intermediaries between top Ukrainian officials and Giuliani. But their claims began to fall apart when a former Ukrainian prosecutor who met with Giuliani — thanks to Parnas and Fruman — said that claims of criminality by Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, were not supported by any evidence.


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  1. Mark Adams #

    To catch a thief sometimes you gotta use a thief.

    Joe Biden’s son may not have done anything illegal, but it sure looks like he was on a board because dad was the VP of the United States.

  2. Mark Adams #

    I do think the IG made a mistake on the whistleblower complaint in that it concerned people outside the IG’s jurisdiction, invalidating the complaint. The whistleblower could follow the law in who to complain to net.

    The problem is there is no way to keep the whistleblower identity secret and also use the information in an impeachment. You cannot impeach a President in part or fully from a star chamber. The Whistleblower could drop the complaint if they wish to remain anonymous…won’t that put Washington all in a dither.

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