(TA BREAKING NEWS) Whistleblower Identified by TAN

(TA BREAKING NEWS)  In an astonishing breakthrough, image analysts at TABN, the investigative arm of TOX News) has discovered that John Bolton is the whistleblower who “outed” Mr. Trump’s phone calls with Oleksiy Honcharuk the Prime Minister of Ukraine and former political comedian.

TOX was able to do this because the conversation, it now turns out, used the Facebook personal message chat app.  The app defaults to video conferencing and, although Mr. Trump apparently did not realize this, recorded three participants in the call .. the third being his then National Security Adviser, John Bolton.

We have asked Mr. Bolton for comment. He refused to confirm the image but did say Mr. Trump’s lack of knowledge and casual misuse of new media should make his supporters afraid, “Mr. Trump’s supporters should be afraid, very afraid. I am not the only person on the intelligence community with this sort of knowledge. Nor is the knowledge limited to the Americans.”  



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  1. Mark Adans #

    This article is fabricated. The problem is it is possible though unlikely the whistleblower is Bolton.

    In any case it was a phone call and it is vulnerable to being tapped along the way depending on what systems the call went trough and the Ukraine’s systems. It is not likely the Ukraanian President was on facebook.

  2. Roger Rabbit #

    I think it’s the White House janitor. Or one of the kitchen help. They overhear everything, know all the dirt, and are the most patriotic people in the building.

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