Why Is Illegal Entry to the US a Misdemeanor?

Lets be perfectly clear .. someone who enters the US outside the law is here illegally but that does not make them a criminal except for a bizarre law that declares illegal entry a misdemeanor.   Yep. sneaking into the US without a visa is akin to not sorting your garbage or failing to stop a stop sign.  Maybe we should lock Trump up for the crime of hiring illegals at his golf courses?

BUT, the bizarre world of Triumpism, illegal entry makes you a crook, a criminal.

Julian Castro, Presidential candidate, and his twin brother of Congressman Joaquín Castro.have attacked Trump’s doublespeak  by pushing to have Congress drop the misdemeanor so at least Trump can stop referring to immigrant mom’s with two year olds or even nursing babies as criminals.

Hell, I am actually rather conservative when it comes to immigration.  Although I am not “white”  I do respect America’s white culture .. along with its other dominant culture  called “black.”  I also think immigration needs real policy!  One black friend, for example, thinks the US should focus on the best and the brightest from Africa until the US most powerful ethnic group has black or at least brownish skin!  I think that is reasonable.  We should also consider all the brains we can drain here through our tech companies … look at Hindu immigrants at Microsoft and Google. These folks fit any real definition of MAGA.

I also, as a descendant of Jews fleeing Christina horror in Europe, really believe in immigration based on not just asylum but economic needs.  I once told an Irish friend how amazed I was by the Irish I meet here, they seem brighter than most of us!  Rory laughed and told me I was correct but only because the best Irish had fled Ireland!

We need to remove the asinine misdemeanor law and make some real immigration policy! 

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  1. Mark Adams #

    I does make them an outlaw because they are outside the law. Do you like the term outlaw better than crook or criminal?

    Perhaps the intent of the law that says employers will not hire those not entitled to work in the United States if those who do so are subject to arrest and criminal prosecution.

    Sneaking into the US might be a fairly innocent act expecially if one is visitning Peace Arch, but drug runners, spies, coyotes smugglers, and a host of others who are not so innocent do cross the border regularly, and so the US as any modern nation must have a law making illegal entry a crime of some sort, and not just a civil infraction with a fine. How else do you get German Nazis back to Germany?

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