(The Alternative Doctrine – Ex Rev. Chi)

When I was first posed this question in my theology class, I couldn’t answer that question as a fundamentalist Christian, one who believed and accepted the word as given by God, but as a dispassionate scholar, with extrinsic curiosity, I came away seeing God as childish, jealous, vindictive, unjust, unpredictable, racist, blood-thirsty, misogynist, war-monger, and very very very hateful of women. That was when I knew, no God could have given these words to men. It was all concocted by men, perhaps very creative men, but full of manly bullshits.

Right after I submitted my essay – THE ALTERNATIVE DOCTRINE, I knew that the power of religion over men would diminish when women decide, they couldn’t take it anymore. God, if there was any, cannot possibly be a man who knows nothing about women, considers a woman in menstrual circle UNCLEAN and incapable of conducting religious rights. How can GOD not know that the menstrual cycle is essential to the formation of a new life? And this is the reason that men subjugated women for centuries. The Greeks, the bearers of Western civilization treated women as sub humans. They barely consorted with women and only for bearing a child. They celebrated homosexuality as pure love. It’s all there in their arts, poetry and monuments. Their exposure to women as lovable, sexual, beautiful beings, occurred in Egypt. The second reason why men suppressed women in religion is because of their sexual inferiority to women. Let’s face it, if you don’t know much about a woman, how can you satiate her sexual desires. You cannot, so you suppress it. For centuries men painted a picture of women as lewd, erotic, provocative, exotic, tempting, luscious – they needed to be covered up and hidden from other men.

As a character in literature, God in the Bible was as crazy as the worst of Shakespeare’s characters. Where was he when King David lusted after Uriah’s wife and had him killed so he can violate his wife, Batsheba? Was David exempt from the 10 Commandments? He had 27 wives, loved to have men and women sleep next to him to keep him warm because he suffered some kind ailment. Yeah right. He was bi-sexual. And where was the just God, when Solomon was made King over Adonijah, his older brother from David’s first wife? And when Adonijah asked permission to marry Abijah, one of the concubines Solomon inherited from David, rather than say no, Solomon had his brother killed. If he did the same thing today, he would be serving 100 years in jail. But these are the men of God.

As crazy as the events of the old testament, the new testament was even crazier. There were 16 individuals who claimed to be the Messiah Jesus Christ and every one of them was crucified. They were too much headache for the Roman prefect and were antagonistic towards the Jewish leaders who were in cohort with the Romans so they could carry on their oppressive money laundering and loan sharking business known as usury. But if you are a fundamental Christian you wouldn’t know which one of the 16 Jesus Christs went to heaven.



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