SEATTLE’S REVENGE: Steve Balmer Makes His Move

So the second CEO of Microsoft retired and bought himself a basketball team that was not very good and was down there in LA.

Then Balmer made a deal, shaking up the NBA immediately moving his team, the Clippers , from the league’s most long-sufferingand hard-luck franchises  to a competitive level worthy of, well worthy of Steve Jobs … as if Jobs ever wanted a basketball team.

So Steve’s deal included superstar Kawhi Leonard signing with the Clippers  but the star inisted he would only agree if  Balmer also bought Paul George.  Hmmm.  All that after Balmer signed Jimmy Butler for more Seattle money.  hmmm.  Goerge comes from the  Oklahoma City Thunder that used to be known as the Seattle Supersonics until the bad guys bought the team and moved it form progressive Seattle to Trumpland.

George cost Steve a lot of money!   George is a six-time All-Star.  The former Microsoft CEO also gave up  five first-round draft picks (four of which will be unprotected), a solid player in forward Danilo Gallinari and a budding star in guard Shai Gilgeous-Alexander.

Meanwhile downthere across LA , The Lakers are desperate.  They had hoped to land Leonard to pair him with LeBron James and Anthony Davis … form a galaxy level superteam to win the NBA title by shear force.  Money Matters!

Back in Seattle, the desire for revenge for the rape of the Supersonics remains.  Seattle hoop fans will raise all sorts of questions raised about the future of the Thunder while hoping that Mr. Balmer moves his mega team back here.

So Balmers toy, the LA Clippers figure to be a force out West. Meanwhile, Balmer’s home team is left out of the fun. The Supersonics will not be a having a victory parade next June.

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