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Nike’s Fourth of July sneaker controversy, explained

The Wall Street Journal reports. that the  Nike spokesperson Colin Kaepernick advised the company not to release their 4th of July a limited-edition Air Max 1.  The sneaker was supposed to go on sale for $140 and was already shipped. Of course, now a few dozen pairs are available on the resale and the bidding is going for around $2,000.

Ted Cruz


Yep, I own lots of @Nike I’ve been a life-long customer, since I was kid. But they’ve now decided their shoes represent snide disdain for the American flag. Since they don’t want my business anymore, I won’t buy any more. Can anyone recommend a good sneaker co that’s not so woke? 

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A billboard for Nike’s Colin Kaepernick campaign in New York City in September 2018.

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  1. Mark Adans #

    I certainly would not recommend wearing these shoes in Iran and a half dozen other countries if only they will mark yu as an American, and no amount of trying to claim to be a Canadian will have no effect.

    If the women beat the Netherlands shouldn’t soccer fans there have to run out and buy a pair and wear them for the next ohhh ten days? Thanks Colin for ruining that bet. If the women loose we have to wear wooden shoes or crocs, the folks in Lynden will be proud no matter who wins.

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