‘Netanyahu’s Regime Must Be Toppled’: Ehud Barak Makes Comeback With New Israeli Political Party

Former Prime Minister Ehud Barak announced today the establishment of a new party, saying Prime Minister Benajmin Netanyahu’s regime, with its “corrupt and messianic elements,” must be toppled.

As a Zionist, I despair of what Israel has become.   Israel is becoming a modern version fo Sparta, a military culture with no moral bearing other than its own survival.

Today, Netanyahu’s son is appearing at a pro Nazi rally with the Trump’s closest and most open pro Nazi aid, Sebastion Gorka.  Lair Netanyaho has a Trump like level of newspeak, tweeting that there is no Palestine because there is no ‘P’ in the Arabic alphabet.  The younger Netanyahu did this from a  Palestinian village that was ethnically cleansed in 48 by  Zionist groups that are widely considered terrorist organizations.

Yair is a chip off of Bibi’s block.  During the Obama years, Netanyahu did all he could to obstruct Obama’s efforts to support democratic reform in the Arab world. Instead, Israel formed no so covert alliances with the Saudis …. culminating in the Yemen holocaust and the murder of Kashoggi.  Now Bibi is proudly touting a meeting in Bahrain under the auspices of Trump’s Jew .. his son in law.  Jared Kushner is trying to create a way for the Saudi’s and their ohso rich Gulf allies to buy out the Palestinians.  That might be OK is it were not who the Saudis are. Leading that conference with Jared Kushner is his buddy Prince Mumaud ben Salman, the man who ordered the holocaust in Yemen and sent the assassins to murder Kashoggi.

The alliance between Netanyahu, Trump an America’s evangelicals is no less bizarre.  Israel is a JEWISH state, not some staging ground for Armageddon and certainly not a “judeo-christian” bastion against our Semitic siblings. If Israel is to survive, it must be part of a  community with our Muslim neighbors.

Now Ehud Brak, former PM war hero and politician who tried to make a real peace for Israel has come out to unify the resources on the left after the poor showing of both the Labor Party and Meretz in the April election.

Former PM Brak says   “These are the darkest days we have known. ”    Netanayhu’s “time as a political leader is over.” He also called on other Israeli political leaders to join forces ahead of the September 17 election, particularly “his brothers in arms” Benny Gantz and Yair Lapid from Kahol Lavan party.

Barak was joined by Yair Golan, a general in reserves, and Kobi Richter, cofounder of and Israeli biotech firm.  Mr. Richter chairs Darkenu an organization, which supports the two-state solution for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

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