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Trump’s immigration policy in one picture

Their names were Oscar Alberto Martinez Ramirez and his daughter Valeria. Is this who we are as a nation? Is this how we want the rest of the world to see us? And Trump’s response? He blamed the Democrats. Read the story and watch video of Trump fulminating here.[...]

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Ramirez, father and daughter, drowned at Trump’s border. They drowned because the little girl would not leave her Dad after he got her across the river and went back for her mother.  [...]

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Can Kushner Make Peace?


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‘Netanyahu’s Regime Must Be Toppled’: Ehud Barak Makes Comeback With New Israeli Political Party

Former Prime Minister Ehud Barak announced today the establishment of a new party, saying Prime Minister Benajmin Netanyahu’s regime, with its “corrupt and messianic elements,” must be toppled. As a Zionist, I despair of what Israel has become.   Israel is becoming a modern versi[...]

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A list of REPUBLICAN Businesses!

Do what you will!  A Republican page on FACEBOOK this AM asked for a list of Republican-owned businesses.  Here it is for anyone’s interest! JoAnne Butzerin In our city Republican-owned businesses have to hide the fact that they are Republicans. Otherwise they would go out of business–[...]

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Debate? or Spelling Bee?

Tonight will be a”debate.” Or something else? Each candidate gets 60 seconds and then 30 seconds to reply. Some  quick back of the envelope calculations: Total time to discuss “is there a crisis at the border?”   60 seconds Total number of questions?   17 Length of time [...]